12 Health Benefits of Asparagus Juice

The first thing you might think of when it comes to asparagus juice is YUCK! Now on the other hand, there are many health benefits of asparagus juice.

Honestly, there are no negatives when it comes to asparagus, whether you are eating it or juicing it.
There are plenty of green vegetables with a high nutritional value.

benefits of asparagus juice

One of these types of vegetables is asparagus, which is usually steamed, grilled, roasted, or incorporated into another recipe and, in some cases juice.

Asparagus is a herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the lily family.

It is grown worldwide in countries like, China, Peru, U.S. Germany, making it available all year-round.

Even though it is available throughout the year, asparagus is a seasonal plant.

It normally takes 3-4 years to be edible, earning the vegetable a status as a luxury vegetable due to its high market prices.

While asparagus might be an expensive vegetable, it is nutritional when taken as juice makes it worth the price.

Let’s look at some of the health benefits of asparagus juice:

Filled with vitamins 

Asparagus juice is packed with a lot of nutrients essential to the body, such as vitamins A, B, C, E, and K that help the body stay healthy.

  1. Vitamin A; this critical for normal vision, reproduction, and the immune system. 
  2. Vitamin B complex; asparagus has folate and folic acid that help make red and white blood cells as well as help the body produce and maintain new cells as well as prevent DNA alteration that could lead to cancer.
  3. Vitamin C; the ascorbic acid found in asparagus is necessary for the growth, development, and repair of body tissues. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system, heal wounds, and maintain teeth, bones, and cartilage. 
  4. Vitamin E; is a crucial antioxidant that helps boost the immune system and protects the cells from the toxic effects of free radicals. 
  5. Vitamin K; helps the body stop bleeding after a cut by improving blood coagulation.

Aphrodisiac - gets you in the mood

One of the main advantages of drinking asparagus juice is its effect on the body's mood.

health benefits of asparagus juice

Courtesy to the presence of vitamin B6, E, and foliate, these nutrients act as an aphrodisiac by boosting sexual hormone production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

The wide variety of vitamins also assist in fighting off depression.

Asparagus is effective against pain management

Asparagus juice contains anti-inflammatory properties that help manage pain that is often associated with arthritis.

  • On a more personal note, I do have some experience with this first hand, my husband drinks asparagus juice for his bad shoulder.
  • He has arthritis in his shoulder, and he swears by the magic juice as he calls it.

This is achieved through the blocking of COX-2 enzyme the same way Celebrex (a common arthritis drug) does.

Natural diuretic - Anti-inflammatory

Just like pain management, asparagus juice also contains natural diuretics that are comprised of high levels of asparagine.

I know, I know what the heck does this mean means. (1)

Simply this will assist in urine production in the kidneys meaning making you pee a lot. 

This helps in realizing excessive salt from the body for people suffering from high blood pressure and edema that is a result of swelling due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It also helps relieve cases of kidney stones and other advanced kidney problems.

Has antioxidants/ Anti-aging

Probably one of the most important properties of asparagus juice is the presence of the antioxidant glutathione.

health beneifts of asparagus juice

Other antioxidants found in asparagus include polyphenol, isorhamnetin, kaempferol, and anthocyanins found in purple asparagus.

These antioxidants help the body fight off free radicals and oxidative stress.

All these have several effects on the body ranging from:
  • Reducing inflammation 
  • Stopping the progression of cataracts
  • Prevent cognitive impairment
  • Slow down cognitive decline
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Finally slow down the aging process.

Asparagus can cure a hangover

One of the many health benefits of asparagus juice is its magical ability to clear away that nasty hangover that is usually after a night of heavy drinking.

A study conducted in 2009 found that asparagus juice contained certain minerals and amino acids that can ease the effects of a hangover.

Another plus is that these amino acids also to protect liver cells toxins found in alcohol.

health benefits of asparagus juice

Improves digestive health

Another benefit of drinking asparagus juice is the importance it plays in improving our digestive health.

Studies conducted on asparagus have found that the vegetable contains high fiber content, which works well with lactobacillus and bifidobacterial (two beneficial digestive tract bacteria).

Asparagus has an alkaline pH

  1. It also contains prebiotics-carbohydrates that are immune to digestion, allowing a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria, which also reduces gas formation.
  2. Asparagus juice has also been noted to provide an alkaline pH, which is essential in reducing stomach acidity, tissue, and blood acidity.

Is a brain booster

With asparagus’ ability to slow down the decline of cognitive decline, a study conducted by Tufts University also found that it increases speed and mental flexibility?

This can be very helpful, especially in the elderly, as their low intake of vitamin B12 leads to a decline in cognitive ability.

Increases the chances of healthy pregnancy

Another benefit that asparagus has is through the presence of vitamin B9, of which a pregnant woman needs 22% of it.

The folate in pregnant women is vital for the early stages of pregnancy to ensure there is the production of healthy DNA necessary for growth and development.

Asparagus also protect against neural tube defects such as spina bifida and other wide range of complications like physical disabilities and lack of bowel and bladder control.

blood pressure

Lowers blood pressure

  • Another significant benefit of drinking asparagus juice is its rich potassium content.
  • Potassium plays an essential role in lowering blood pressure.
  • This is achieved by getting rid of excess salt through urine or relaxing the walls of blood vessels.

This benefit has also been researched further on rats, and it was found that a diet with 5% asparagus lowers their blood pressure by 17% after ten weeks.

Helps one to lose weight

Losing weight is a difficult thing to achieve, and many keep trying to find newer and easier ways to burn off calories and lose bodyweight.

Asparagus not only has a low-calorie content, but rich in fiber content that has also been associated with weight loss.

The low calories allow one to eat plenty of asparagus without fear of gaining weight.

It doesn’t hurt that 94% of asparagus  is comprised of water, which is less harmful to the body.

Most of the today's trending diets include eating vegetables like fresh asparagus.  

Final thoughts

Asparagus is one of the nutritious vegetables that one must have in their diet.

The ability to consume it in a variety of ways, including as a juice, gives it an added advantage some vegetables.

Drinking asparagus juice helps keep the body strong and healthy.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this post on the health benefits of asparagus juice.


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