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11 Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

home remedies for varicose veins

If you have varicose veins relax, there are many home remedies for varicose veins on the internet.About 20% of adults across the world, at some point, will experience varicose veins. Varicose veins result from swelling and enlarging of someone’s veins. These varicose veins appear as purple or dark blue veins and bulge below the skin surface. Typically, it […]

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9 Natural Remedies for Insomnia That Work

home remedies for insomnia

Some people say that there are no natural remedies for insomnia that work. Well I am going to share with you 9 that do work. I will cover all of the facts and list all of the natural remedies for insomnia in today’s post.An adult requires about seven hours of sleep, but that is not the case […]

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Learn 8 Best Home Remedies For Acne

home remedies for acne1

If you are looking to get rid of acne overnight, then you might want to consider looing for some home remedies for acne.When it comes to fighting off acne it is best to go back basics and keep it simple.  That is what today’s post is all about finding the best home remedies for acne that […]

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7 Health Benefits of Drinking Beetroot Juice

health benefits of beetroot juice

If you are wondering what the health benefits of drinking beetroot juice are you are in the right place. All I know for sure is when I was a kid, I could not stand even looking at beets. Sitting at the dinner table with my parents as I would watch them eat beets would just gross […]

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6 Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon

health benefits of eating watermelon

When it comes to the benefits of eating watermelon, we all know that there are several of them. Just hearing the word watermelon, I know it’s getting close to summer.  Yes, this is a timely post for sure. Watermelon is one of those cool down snacks that we all love eating. If you are on a diet, like […]

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10 Best Juices for Migraine Headaches

best juices for migraine headaches

What are the best juices for migraine headaches, and do they really work? The, journey to a migraine-free day begins with a single glass of juice. So, if you’re having a migraine headache that won’t go away, don’t pop that aspirin just yet.Do you experience migraine pain so intense you sometimes have to call off your plans […]

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10 Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

health benefits of peppermint tea

Health benefits of peppermint tea is a talked about a lot in today’s health space.  It is a favorite among tea aficionados for its delicate, refreshing taste and aroma. What’s more, the health benefits of peppermint tea are innumerable. Are you looking for a hot beverage with which to pass those cold afternoons? Peppermint tea is your fix. […]

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12 Health Benefits of Asparagus Juice

benefits of asparagus juice

The first thing you might think of when it comes to asparagus juice is YUCK! Now on the other hand, there are many health benefits of asparagus juice.Honestly, there are no negatives when it comes to asparagus, whether you are eating it or juicing it.There are plenty of green vegetables with a high nutritional value.One […]

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What is The Carnivore Diet? Its Myth Exposed

waht is the carnivore diet10

I am sure by now that you have heard about the Carnivore Diet. What is the carnivore diet exactly?Basically, it’s what it says it is, a diet of eating only meat. You can also eat different animal products like eggs, cheese, and some others I will cover later.People are raving how fast they are losing […]

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Welcome Post

Hello and welcome to my site.My name is Shereen Miller and on this website. I will be talking about all things to do with living a healthy lifestyle.I started this new blog so I can share with you how to live a healthier lifestyle. In todays world it can be difficult to live a healthy […]

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